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In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Terms and conditions for subscribing to Ahlawi Discounts Program


The words mentioned here below shall mean the meanings set forth next to each of them, unless the context requires otherwise:

Company: means the Glossy Innovations for Publicity and Advertising Ltd., duly registered in the commercial register of Jeddah city under number (4030279665) on 08.03.1436 AH.

Contracting Party/ Contracting Parties: are the owners of commercial trademarks and shops who are contracting with the company for the purpose of providing discounts and facilities to subscribers.

Application/ Electronic Application: It is the online application called Ahlawi.

The Program/ Ahlawi Discounts Program: It is the program of discounts and offers owned and operated by the company, which entitles the subscriber to obtain discounts and offers from the parties contracting with the company, and which is known as the icon (of Ahlawi discounts) in the application.

Subscription Fees: are the subscription fees paid for subscription in Ahlawi Discounts Program.

Subscriber/ Subscribers: The subscriber to the Ahlawi discounts program.

Subscription Code/ Activation Code/ Code: It is a code consisting of letters and/ or numbers, which is sent to the subscriber for the purpose of activating his account in Ahlawi Discounts Program in order to take advantage of the discounts and offers of the contracting parties covering contracting subscription period long.

Introduction to the company and Ahlawi Discounts Program

Glossy Innovations company, is a publicity and advertising company, with limited liability, licensed by the Ministry of Trade and Investment enabling it to provide marketing services to others, aiming to make contracts with trademark owners in various activities, with a view to providing subscribers with advantages. These advantages are embodied in giving the subscriber to use the program for unlimited times to get discounts or offers from parties contracting with the company, through all the agreed subscription period long. One of the advantages provided is that the company maintains the right of the subscriber, who has not obtained a discount from the contracting parties, to be granted the value of the discount in cash in accordance with the provisions of subscription in Ahlawi Discounts Program, and according to the provisions and policy of the company. In addition to that, the subscriber shall be given the right to use the program for unlimited times to obtain discounts and offers from the contracting parties, during the period of validity of the offer, together with company's providing customer service to subscribers according to all means available to the company, in a way that achieves a privileged service worthy of the reputation of Al Ahli Team, and its fans, in such a manner that preserves the rights of subscribers.

Subscription Provisions and Conditions:

The subscriber agreed that the introduction and the initiation are considered to be part of the terms and conditions mentioned herein, in the light of which they are read and obtained their powers. The subscriber, moreover, accepted the terms and conditions of Ahlawi Discounts Program, and the mechanism for using them, understanding in full that his continuation in registration through this program, paying the subscription fees as well as activating the code firmly confirm his approval and acknowledgment of his commitment to the following terms and conditions:

I. Registration

  1. The subscriber shall commit to register in Ahlawi Discounts Program of Ahlawi application on the electronic application store (Google Play Store), or (App Store) according to the subscriber's operating system, by following the instructions related to the application in preparation for the subscriber to obtain the subscription code and activation of his account, as well.
  2. The subscriber shall have to verify the type of subscription, its duration and value before performing the payment process. He shall have to enter his personal data details carefully, and that such data should be in accordance with the data mentioned in his national ID card or his residence ID - as the case may be. Moreover, the subscriber shall be responsible for verification of all the aforementioned data before completing the registration process. The subscriber also shall bear all responsibility for the correctness and validity of the data he entered.
  3. The subscriber agreed that the company will send offers to him through various ways and means of communication, including: telephone contact, SMS, e-mail and others.

II. Provisions for Using the Subscription Code

The subscriber acknowledged, committed, agreed and understood the following:

  1. . The subscriber fully understands that the right to use the subscription code to obtain discounts and offers from the contracting parties is a personal right of the subscriber alone, and does not belong to any others; and that he may not, in any way, enable anyone else to benefit from it. And that the subscriber gave the company the right to cancel his subscription immediately in case of his being found in violation of any of the conditions and terms mentioned herein. The subscriber also shall be deprived of any right to claim for retrieving subscription fee, or claiming for any compensation.
  2. The subscriber shall have to notice and inform the contracting party that he is a subscriber in Ahlawi Discounts Program before completing the purchase and or service request, so that the contracting party can provide its services to him. In the event that the subscriber fails to do so, it means that the subscriber has actually agreed to forfeit his right to obtain this discount as well as to claim any compensation for it.
  3. The contracting party, who is granting the discount, shall have the right to view the subscriber’s identity, in order to verify the subscriber’s identity as well as to match his subscription information with the information mentioned in the application as far as his identity information is concerned. In the event that the subscriber refuses to show his ID for any reason before completing the purchase and/ or requesting the service from the contracting party, that actually means the subscriber's acceptance to drop his right to obtain this discount, and that he really forfeits his right to claim any compensation for it.
  4. The original verification of the subscriber's identity shall be by matching the data related to his subscription in the discounts program with the data mentioned in his national ID card or his residence ID - as the case may be.

III. General provisions for subscription in the application

The subscriber acknowledged, committed, agreed and fully understood the following:

  1. The subscriber shall not be entitled to a refund of the subscription amount after he has made the payment process, nor shall he be entitled to transfer the subscription amount to another person.
  2. Only the company shall have the right to conclude contracts and/ or to cancel and/ or amend contracts with the contracting parties, and this matter shall be subject to the sole discretion of the company.
  3. The subscriber’s subscription in the program shall be to take advantage of the privileges offered by the contracting parties in general, and that the number of contracting parties is subject to increase and decrease. The subscriber was informed that his subscription shall not, in any way, mean or imply the continuation and survival of a specific contracting party for providing discounts or offers.
  4. The company shall not be committed towards the subscriber with any commitment to continue contracting with a specific contracting party, nor in continuation of the same privileges and discounts provided by the contracting party.
  5. The role of the company shall be to seek to contract with various parties (contracting parties) to try to build a long-term relationship with the contracting parties, with a view to providing privileges resultant from discounts and offers to subscribers.
  6. Continuation of the process of contracting with a specific party and/ or the continued presentation of a contracting party to the same discount or offer shall be subject to change and/ or cancellation at any time. Accordingly, the company shall have no obligation towards the subscriber to continue contracting with a specific party, nor to continuously provide the same discount or facility from a specific party. The subscriber fully understood and agreed to this.
  7. The subscriber acknowledged that he paid the subscription fees to the program in order to benefit from it as well as to obtain discounts and privileges offered by the parties contracted with the company in general.
  8. The subscriber shall not be entitled to request a refund of the subscription fees due to the withdrawal of a specific contracting party and/ or because any contracting party has modified the privileges or discounts offered by it.
  9. The method to understand the terms and conditions of each party contracting with the company shall be through the electronic application; moreover, the subscriber understood that such method could be unstable and changeable and he realized and accepted that possibility, as well.
  10. The validity of the offers of each contracting party may be suspended in cases related to exclusive and temporary offers of the contracting party, and/ or sales, and/ or their being merged with the brand loyalty cards, and/ or their being merged with any other offers and the subscriber fully understood all that and accepted it.
  11. The subscriber understood and agreed that the company may use the data collected, such as: phone number, email, geographical location and so on, to subscribe and register in the application in order to provide services to subscribers, help in developing and improving the company's services as well as to use these data for analytics, measurement and statistics.

IV. General provisions

All regulations and regulations applicable in Saudi Arabia apply to these terms and conditions, and the Saudi courts in Jeddah are competent in the consideration of any disputes relating to these terms and conditions or arising from their application or interpretation. At any/every time, the Company may amend the terms and conditions in whole or in part by all means of modification, such as: creation, cancellation, etc. These modifications will take effect from their publication on the Company's website and/or application , unless otherwise stated. The subscriber's continued use of the site and/or application is an acceptance and approval of the published amended terms and conditions.